Award-winning food writer and author

I am a cook who loves to travel.  I collect and create eclectic, evocative recipes from around the world so I can travel from my kitchen when I'm back home in London.

My first book, Samarkand, was published in 2016. Happily, it was received to wide acclaim and named a book of the year by The Guardian and Food52's Piglet. It was also awarded the 'Food and Travel' prize in 2017 by The Guild of Food Writers. I wrote it alongside my friend and travel journalist, Caroline Eden.

My second book, Fire Islands, came out in May 2019. It charts the fresh, vibrant food of Indonesia.


As a keen traveller I have visited over 70 countries and sought out the best food in each of them. My writing focuses on making world cuisines accessible and capturing exotic flavours in home recipes.

You can follow my adventures (and see what I’m cooking) on Instagram and Twitter.

Portraits by Kristin Perers